Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Alphabet Quilt Blog of the Month, Part 1

It's time to gather some notions to help you with this project. Here are some of my favorites!

Sewline Fabric Pencils--the best marking pencils I've ever used. The specially formulated ceramic lead gives a clear, easily marked fine line on fabrics. If needed, lines are easily removed from most fabrics with the special Sewline Eraser or by dabbing with a damp cloth or washing. Pencils are available with five different colors of lead--black, white, yellow, green, and pink. Lead refills are also available. For this project I am using the black and the yellow pencils.

The Applique Pressing Sheet--I have at least 3 of these sheets. It is a transparent reusable Non-stick Pressing Sheet, Craft Sheet, or Pressing Cloth. For this project it will allow you to fuse your designs together as one unit using your placement pattern as a guide! I love them and can't do without them!

Fiskars Curved Blade Scissor--these scissors help to keep your threads clipped as close to your work as possible without cutting your fabric. They also make cutting curves on your appliqué pieces a snap! Flip them over in your hand for inside and outside curves.

Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook or Soft Touch Thread Pick--this amazing little tiny hook will pull your threads to the back of your work as easy as pie so that you can tie your threads off! Self-Threading Needles will also work but sometimes I forget to leave a long enough thread to pop into the needle.

Clover Seam Ripper--my favorite seam ripper. Now don't tell but I, too, have to rip seams out now and again. Seam rippers do get dull--just like any blades. Treat yourself to a fresh, sharp blade with an easy to hold handle.

4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool--this is a fairly new tool from Alex Anderson and C&T publishing. The tool includes a Bernina Seam Ripper, a Flat-ended presser, a Pointed End Cap, and an extra-long Stiletto.

Bendable Bright Light--I don't think that I could get along without this, anymore. Attach it to your sewing machine, adjust it so the bright light centers on your presser foot area to stitch and adjust it to center on your project to pull your threads to the back. I love it!

Mary Ellen's Best Press--the Clear Starch Alternative with Soil Guard and Wrinkle Remover--leaves no residue, acid-free, makes ironing easier, gives crisp seams to patchwork.

Mettler Thread--size 50, color 0618 Dark Brown--all of the applique is stitched with this thread.
Find all of these notions on our website, or call, or email me and I will help you find them.

Well, I'm off to gather my fabrics. We will be kitting a basic kit with the white-on-white fabric, the turquoise, and the red fabrics, as well as a kit for 4 skin tones. These should be ready in a few days. Fat quarters and scraps will work for most everything else.

I'll be back in a day or two to remind you of what else you need to gather so that we are ready to start January 1st.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quilts for Afghanistan and the view from my office!

Our store's co-manager's son was deployed to Afghanistan a short time ago. One of his requests after he was there a few days, was a flannel quilt with a wool batting. It seems that most of us think that Afghanistan is hot, but Jason found out that the nights can be brutal. He asked for Kelly to get the word out that the troops and the Afghan people could use hats, gloves, and coats. She shipped a box to him a couple of weeks ago with those items.

We put the word out for quilts on our weekly e-mail a couple of weeks ago, and of course, our wonderful customers and employees brought quilts, and coats, blankets, and even money for postage. Here is a picture of Kelly and the pile of gifts. We will be packing them up and sending them in a few days to Jason. Thank you to all who participated! Jason is really excited to get the packages and to be able to bring a little warmth to his friends.

On a different subject (although it still has to do with sons) here is the view from my office this morning--a very content Kian in his jumper swing. He amused both Ashley and I for a good half an hour. Kian is Nancy's grandson and you might remember him from the blog Baby Boy Blue in a Box!

I'm off to work on my next blog which will be the notions to gather to start the "My Alphabet Quilt" Blog of the Month.

Happy Stitching,