Saturday, October 16, 2010

Judy's birthday flowers and a favorite little Autumn quilt!

Well, we have finally had a little bit of Autumn here in the Denver area. It was cool and rainy for a few days last week. The trees are still turning and have plenty of leaves still on them. We might have our first snowfall on Tuesday--so my agenda tomorrow is to get the patio furniture put away, the planters cleaned out, and locate my snowbrush to put back in the car.

Judy's birthday is October 17th and her son in Atlanta always sends a bouquet to her at the store, so we get to enjoy it also. It comes from my favorite florist-Happy Canyon Flowers. Every year we think that they can't beat last years, but they always do. Maybe it's because I love fall colors and fall flowers (achoo, achoo). Here are two pictures of this years bouquet. I think you will agree that it is absolutely goooorgeous!

I took this picture from overhead so that you could see the variety of flowers. I think my fav might be that green spider mum. Hmmm-I think I might make this my new desktop pic.
And now, onto a little quilting. This is one of my favorite little Autumn quilts. It isn't very big but it certainly depicts the season. We used it for inspiration to make our current Saturday Sampler wallhanging. The pattern for this quilt is in our book Home for the Harvest.

I hope you all have a beautiful Autumn weekend. I'm off to finish making Judy's present--a CD of all of her favorite Glee songs. Thank you Judy for sharing your beautiful flowers with all of us!
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween and Home For the Harvest

One of my favorite books that we have published is Home For the Harvest! It is filled with wonderful Autumn and Halloween projects. This is one of my favorites with Dracula, a blue-faced Witch, Frankenstein, and a Princess. We show this in the book as a long, narrow wallhanging and also as separate placemats. What fun!

I sent my son an advertisement for an iPhone app from Pottery Barn Kids. You take a photo of your child (in his case, 5 year old twins) and then try on different Halloween costumes and send them out for friends and relatives to see. Hello Patrick and Lori--we are waiting for the pics!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous here. If you have been reading our blog for awhile, you might remember my post of I Love Orange. We have a bush in our backyard that starts out kind of red in the Spring and then turns to green for the Summer and then totally shines in orange for Fall. I am going to try to take pics of it everyday for the next couple of weeks to show you just how beautiful it becomes.

Today has been my day at the computer. I started out with my Quilt University homework for EQ6, worked on my EQ7 Bee homework, did a little blog hopping, tweeted a bit, and am now blogging. Be sure to check out our website for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt--some really great prizes will be awarded.

Busy, busy weekend, but I hope to actually sew some tomorrow. Until next time,
Happy stitching!