Monday, November 7, 2011

Heartwarming Possibilities

C&T Publishing just released our newest pattern packet--Heartwarming Possibilities! This pattern packet includes 4 quilt projects to celebrate family and friends. The projects, a quilt, two wallhangings, and a tote, combine piecing with easy fusible applique--a Possibilities signature. The row quilt, approx 62 x 75" includes the verse "Friendship is the thread that stitches the world together" on the bottom row.

The Heartwarming Possibilities pattern packet will be available in mid November. Check your local quilt store, or contact C&T Publishing at

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all who made this pattern packet come together!The quilt was designed several years ago and just didn't fit into any of our books. We would bring it out at design meetings and end up tucking it away again and again. We were thrilled when C&T came up with this pattern packet format that fit this quilt to a "T". Thanks to Amy and Lynn and everyone else involved in this project at C&T for believing in us!

Thanks to everyone at Possibilities who worked on these projects--Susie, Lexie, Sharon, Jane, and Ann. (I hope I didn't forget anyone) Thanks to Merrie for the beautiful quilting.

Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith