Thursday, February 11, 2010

Receiving Blankets Going to Haiti

Last Friday, we were given an incredible opportunity to help the people in Haiti. Nancy Boyd is one of our customers and her husband is part owner of a business aircraft called a Pilatus. These aircraft are smaller and can land in the smaller Haitian cities. Her husband was going to spend 5 days flying people and cargo into and out of Haiti as part of the relief effort. Nancy found out that the Haitians needed receiving blankets and immediately thought of us. The plane was going to be loaded with medical and other supplies, but receiving blankets could certainly be stuffed into nooks and crannies. We sent out an email to our customers on Friday and by 12:00 noon on Wednesday we had received 477 mostly handmade receiving blankets. What a wonderful response! To see the piles of blankets click here Receiving Blankets Going to Haiti. We will keep you updated when we get more information. Nancy was going to try to take a picture of the airplane packed to the gills. Thank you all for making this quick effort a huge success!

Lynda and Nancy


patsylou said...

I just saw the pictures of the children with the blankets you/we sent. It did more than Make My Day--maybe Made My Month! Huge hugs to everyone who made this happen!

Pat Lilak

Lynda Milligan said...

Thanks Pat! It was great and we are trying to figure out how to send more pictures.