Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eco-Friendly Snack Bags

Nancy's daughter, Laura, shared her pattern to make eco-friendly snack bags with us. These are pretty darn cute little bags--about the size of a self-sealing sandwich bag--that are lined with a waterproof fabric called PUL. Think of how many self-sealing sandwich bags you can save by making a few of these eco-friendly bags and tossing them into the washer to clean.

We have made them up in sooooooo many different fabrics, from fruit and veggie fabrics, to cupcake fabric, to florals, and we are even making some kits up with the new Monopoly fabric from Quilting Treasures. The bags were featured this month in Quick Quilts magazine. Check them out on our website--kits and pattern or already made by Mamamade.
Happy stitching,

Lynda and Nancy

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Jackie said...

My favorite type of appliqué is Hawaiian needle turn. It is hard to believe that Hawaiian ladies did the appliqué using 1 piece of cloth. I am currently working on a king size quilt -- Pikake pattern -- in a beautiful sage with the traditional off white background. It is not easy to do but very satisfying.
Jackie Van Buren (