Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July friends,

It is a beauty of a holiday weekend here in Denver--a little barbequing, a little partying, and lots of friends. The quilt above is 1776 from our Seasonal Delights book. I thought it was very appropiate for this weekend.

We have a very special tradition in our neighborhood. For a reasonable price a couple of boy scouts put up a large flag on everyone's lawn for all patriotic days. The street looks lovely with all the flags flying. They put them up at dawn and take them down just before dusk. I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend and maybe get in a little stitching.



Sharyn said...

What a rich and meaningful little quilt, thank you for sharing. Just dropped by to say I'm working from your Divide and Conquer book this summer, great patterns!

Lynda said...

Hi Sharyn,
Thanks for your comment. Divide and Conquer is one of my favorite books and it is now out-of-print. Post a picture is you get a chance.