Sunday, June 8, 2008

New gadget for Lynda

To various friends and family, my husband is known as Captain Consumer. Now you may ask, "How did he come to have that title?" Well, he can talk himself (very easily I might add) into buying any electronic gadget that comes along. Right now, he has at least 3 computers, an iTouch, an iPod and a Nano, and is looking to get the iPhone as soon as he can have Verizon as a carrier. I do have to admit that his consumerism rubs off on the rest of us.

So, a few weeks ago I decided to get a Roomba--the little vacuum robot. I was a little hesitant--how well it would work, and more importantly, how Murphy, the Wheaten Terror, would take to it. For a dog, he is a big scaredy cat. Well, I LOVE IT! Rosie, the family named her after the Jetson's robot maid, is the best thing since sliced bread. I got the top of the line (Captain Consumer rubbing off). I can program her to come on anytime. She comes with two 'lighthouses' that tell her where to go and how to get back to the mother ship. She cleans the hardwood floors, as well as the carpeted areas, and goes between them beautifully. She cleans under chests and tables that have about 4" of clearance. In fact, we were watching her in the kitchen and she went under a bookcase. My husband said that she was stuck, and I said just watch. It took several turns and then she was free. Every time I empty her, I am amazed how much she has picked up. It is amazing how much dust and debris is on the floor, especially with Murphy going in and out all day. I was also surprised how Murphy took to her. He barked and jumped back a few times and then pretty much just tolerates her.

Tuesday evening I was watching TV and heard a little beep. Rosie separated herself from the mother ship and started cleaning. I had forgotten that I programed her and she brought a huge smile to my face. How fun! She is efficient and easy to maintain. I'm not giving up my good vacuum, but Rosie will help day to day. I think that any of you with a large sewing room or studio should try a Roomba. I would try Rosie in mine, but there just isn't enough unused floor space. Anyway, I think she is worth every penny I spent! Below is a picture of Murphy and Rosie.

Yeah for Roomba's and puppies,



Tazliz said...

Hi's me...Sharron! have to tell you I bought my Roomba back here with me. We call him Robbie as I wanted a male to be doing the vacuuming. tassie (yes we bought her here too!) rounds him up when he first starts but then leaves him alone to do his thing. I've only just got him operating again as we needed to change him to 240volts but with all tile and wood floors he does a super job.
Love to all.

Lynda & Nancy said...

Hey! It is good to hear from you!!! I like the name--and your reasoning. Thanks for commenting. Have a great day, and we miss you.

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