Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Halloween Blog of the Month, Part 2b

Hello again,

It's time to do the applique on these 3 blocks. I have a few hints for you. Blanket stitched fusible applique does not usually need a stabilizer, because the fusible web basically becomes a stabilizer. But, if you are having trouble with the stitch puckering, try using spray-on starch to help stiffen the fabric. I learned this method from Sue Nickels, an incredible applique artist and author. Before you bond your shapes to the background, spray starch the background and iron until dry. Apply several coats until the background is very stiff. Works great!!

Another tip for taking care of the loose threads is to pull them to the back (pull up on the bobbin thread or pop the top thread into a self-threading needle and stitch to the back). Pop all loose threads into the needle and slide the needle under several stitches and then clip. The back looks much neater and there is no chance for renegade threads to be seen from the front.

Check out how neat the Bat looks when most of the threads are treated this way.

Now for the stitching order for the Bat:
  1. Left and right wing (stitches will be on the black fabric and not very visible)
  2. Line between inner & outer left ear (stitches will be on the black fabric and not very visible)
  3. Line between inner & outer right ear (stitches will be on the black fabric and not very visible)
  4. Outer edge of ears and head section
  5. Bottom of head
  6. Eyes and eyelids
  7. Teeth

The stitching order for Mrs. Monster:

  1. Left and right bolt
  2. Hair stripe
  3. Hair
  4. Left edge of face from bottom of neck to hairline
  5. Right edge of face from hairline to bottom of neck
  6. Collar
  7. Eyes and eyelids
  8. Nose

The stitching order for Mr. Monster:

  1. Left and right bolts
  2. Forehead hairline
  3. Head, starting at left neck edge stitching all the way around to right neck edge
  4. Top edge of v-neck
  5. Shirt, starting at left shoulder stitching all the way around to the right shoulder
  6. Eyes
  7. Nose
  8. Unibrow

Congratulations! We have 5 blocks almost finished. I will demonstrate the satin stitch for the detail lines next month. If you have any questions, please comment below or contact me at

Next month we will be working on the Pumpkin, Vampire, and the Witch.

For now, Happy Stitching!



Pam Sweet said...

What a great tip - using spray starch to stiffen up your fabric. I remember my mother always having a can of starch on her ironing board. Thanks.

Linda Boyle said...

Always fun to see the latest post from the owners of my very favorite quilt shop! Whether I'll ever do a specific project or not, there's always a good tip or something fun!

Leslie said...

Too cute, I like them.

SH Sue said...

Thanks for the great tips. I am new to your blog and will become a egular looker. Thanks sew much - sue

Andy in Wisconsin said...

The Happy Halloween kit arrived over the weekend - now I need to get busy and catch up with my sister who already has 4 blocks done!!
The photos and info shared in the blog are fantastic.
Thanks for doing this.

Lynda said...

Thanks Andy,
You can catch up easily. Let me know if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

From Kansas...
Love these directions...the quilt is beginning to look like Halloween. I will be in town next week....can't wait to go to the shop to "touch & feel"! THANKS for the good favorite book is Wildflower Sampler.

marcellatp said...

I think I'm the only clueless one since I don't see other comments on this. But, it's really a pain to print your wonderful directions so I can have them next to my sewing table while I work.

Could you possibly paginate your site or be like and offer a .pdf of just the instructions?

As it is, the pictures get chopped in odd spots and I have all the banner and side info while, while information, isn't what I need for directions.


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