Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Blog of the Month, part 3b

OK, now on to the stitching. Mr. Pumpkinhead has the most intricate stitching so far, but no worries, I'll lead you through. Let's start with Witch.

The stitching order I used for Witch:
  1. Top of hat
  2. Top edge of hat brim
  3. Hat band
  4. Hair*
  5. Head
  6. Shirt
  7. Eyes and eyelids**
  8. Nose
  9. Bat (I used a shorter, narrower stitch for the bat)

*I decreased the width of the zig-zag stitch as I stitched the points of her hair. As you get closer to the point, decrease the stitch width one point, stitch a few stitches, decrease the width another point, stitch a few stitches. After finishing the point, start increasing the width a point at a time until you are back to your regular width. I hope you can see this on this close-up.

Each eye, eyelid, and nose combination seems to need a little different treatment. Trace the stitching path with your finger to see what works best. For example, for the witch I stitched the bottom of her left eye first. I then stitched her right eye from her nose, around the lid and back down to the nose. Lastly, I stitched the top of her left lid and then across the bottom of her eyelids.

The stitching order I used for Vampire:
  1. Right and left shoulder
  2. Right and left collar sections
  3. Right and left sides of bow tie
  4. Bowtie knot
  5. Bottom of ears
  6. Head
  7. Hair
  8. Eyes and eyelids*
  9. Nose
  10. Fangs

*For Vampire's eyes, I first stitched the bottom edge of the eyelid and then around the entire outer edge of eye and lid.

Mr. Pumpkinhead has the most applique challenges. Here is my stitching order:
  1. Shirt, right side and left side
  2. Neck, right side and left side
  3. Face #4
  4. Face #5
  5. Face #6
  6. Right side of bow
  7. Left side of bow
  8. Bow knot
  9. Face #7
  10. Stem*
  11. Mouth
  12. Eyes and eyelids (I stitched his eyes in the same order that I did Witch's)

*When stitching the stem, it is best to start along a straight edge and not at a point. You can see where I started. You will also find it helpful to decrease the width of your zig-zag stitch when you are stitching the fine points along the edge of the face. Just take a few stitches, decrease the width, take a few more stitches, decrease the width, finish the point, and then start to increase the width gradually.

Well, I hope you are having fun. I sure am! I wanted to get this posted before Nancy and I leave town to teach in Liberal, KS, this weekend, so I'm going to do a third post this month which will cover the satin stitch for the detail lines. I will (hopefully) post that next week. Next month we will work on Werewolf, Cat, and Death, leaving the Mummy for last.

This is a great time to think about your quilt's backing. We have some wonderful Halloween fabric in now or coming soon. We have posted some of it in the store and I blogged about our Quilting Treasure's Happy Halloween fabric line a couple of days ago. I'm thinking that I want the orange skeleton fabric for my backing. You will need 3 1/2 yds for your backing. Check it out to get the best selection. Please leave a comment to let me know if I am helping you, or if I need to give you more detailed information and pictures.

Until next week,



Judy in Arkansas said...

Thank you for your great photos, steps of construction, tips! It couldn't be more helpful to me. Love the new fabric. Keep the Goulie aids coming!

Lynda said...

Thanks Judy! It is always nice to have comments on the blog. I'm so glad that you feel that it is worthwhile. I had a fun time making the slideshow of the new fabric. : )

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